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Stay Ahead of the Whole Sexy Product Industry with Our Stable and Diversified Supply Chain for All Your Needs!

Our History

How was Alluring Spring born?

We have been involved in this file for over 5 years. Due to the increasing openness of sexual attitudes and the increasing demand for sexy products, Maria Alejandra built Alluring Spring with her team in order to provides quality products and services to web and brick and mortar and e-tailers.

What is the sales network of Alluring Spring?

A global sales network provides customers with fast and comprehensive technical support!
Alluring Spring products markets encompassed North America, South America, Europe, Russia, Africa, the Far East, Australia and more.

What is next plan in 2024 for Alluring Spring?

Establishing partnerships with different wholesalers to increase brand awareness. At the same time accept OEM&OEM serivice to expand the network sales channels.

Alluring Spring

Product Display



BDSM Lingerie


Why choose us

Safe Material

Offering product which made from a variety of state-of-the-art body safe and internationally compliant materials.

Exceptional fill rates

Creates over 1200 items in Vibrator, Dildo and SM series to meet all your needs, also service of OEM&ODM.

Competitive price

Always offer favorable price to maximize impact and profit for both web and brick and mortar and e-tailers.

Fast Delivery

Accepting your order without any delay and stable GRD to make sure that you receive goods on time.

Publicity Program

We help all dealers who want to enter the industry and want to engage in sales with market development and promotion programs.

Exemplary Customer Service

24 hours stand-by to reply your message and offer complete service to resolve your problem.

What We Can Do For You





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